Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Agreement & Account Set Up

Thank you for choosing to volunteer at Baltimore City Public Schools.

If you already signed up as a volunteer do not register again. Instead, sign-in with your account details and update any information that has changed.

As a volunteer your services to City Schools are provided strictly in a volunteer capacity without any expressed or implied promise of employment.  Some volunteer opportunities may require you to submit to additional background screening.  Based upon the results of your screening City Schools may limit or terminate your services at any time.

As a volunteer, you agree to:

  • Be dependable and arrive on time
  • Notify the designated school staff with reasonable notice about absences, tardiness and any other problems that may prevent you from fulfilling your obligation
  • Sign in and out each time you visit the school
  • Not take disciplinary action against students
  • Respect the privacy of all students, staff and volunteers by keeping all information received confidential (including but not limited to test results and home/family matters)
  • Never be under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or drugs while serving
  • Never carry weapons while serving
  • Be respectful of students’ learning abilities
  • Not use inappropriate language while volunteering
  • Never transport children without permission
  • Try to avoid using electronic devices such as cell phone or Blackberry, while working with students
  • Not engage in religious or political activity when volunteering
  • Never give medication to children
  • Not to photograph a student without express permission from the principal
  • Report unsafe conditions and notify appropriate school personnel of and suspected child abuse and/or neglect
  • Communicate any concerns or questions to the teacher, principal or volunteer coordinator

By continuing with this registration process you confirm that you have read, understood and accept the statements detailed above. 

Start the registration process by selecting a Username and Password for your volunteer account.
These are the credentials you use to sign-in to your account after you have been approved to volunteer. Your Username can be your Email Address but is not required to be. Your Password must be a minimum of eight characters, using letters and numbers only. Do not use any special characters.

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